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Since our inception, CCT strives to provide high quality and value in custom tailored escorted educational tours to elementary, secondary and post-secondary school groups.

Our objective with each group is to ensure an entertaining, educational and memorable experience for the student traveller, as well as a secure and worry free operation for the teacher-leaders. Over 90 years of experience is dedicated to the success of our clients' tours.

Choosing a destination

Can't decide on a destination ? Then try a mult-city Tour !

Sometimes it's difficult to decide whether to travel to Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City since they are all equally fantastic destinations. Combining Ottawa and Montreal or Montreal and Quebec City is easier than you think. Click on the link below for a couple of sample itineraries.

Multi-City Tour

Did you Know?

Destination: Ottawa, Ontario
The city of Ottawa before 1855 was known as Bytown named in honor of Lieutenant-Colonel John By, a major contributer in the construction of the Rideau canal. It was later renamed to ‘Ottawa’ and Queen Victoria designated it as the capital of Canada on December 31, 1857.

Destination: New York City, NY
An average of 4.9 million people ride the New York City subway each weekday. To make a comparison, it would mean that every single day almost double the amount of Toronto's population are riding the subway each weekday. That`s a lot of people !

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On a Budget ?

Take advantage of travelling during the low season and save while avoiding the crowds, line-ups, sold-out theatre and concert performances. Please contact us for more details.


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